Moirang, Manipur, India 8119081804

Who We Are

St Xavier’s School Alumni Association, Moirang was registered as a society on 22nd October, 2018. The idea of alumni association was started by Dr. Japan and Dewan Kumam from our first batch. Due to less response from the alumni, the association was in inactive state. Later, in year 2017, when Father Anand was the then principal of St Xavier’s School, Moirang, he suggested again the idea of Alumni to Monica Maibram(2006 batch). She believed in the idea of Alumni Association. A team was formed in 2017/2018 to carry on the work and contribute to the school. After running around for 4 years, the alumni association is in this form. Our association is getting bigger day by day and the office bearers believe that this website will be the next big thing for the association. With this association, we aim to spread our school’s goal, "In all things to love,to serve is our goal".

  • To maintain the relationship of alumni to Stuyvesant St. Xavier’s School and to each other through written and other communications, and social, academic and other events;
  • To render aid and cooperation to the School in order to facilitate academic and extracurricular programs and other student activities;
  • To award scholarships and other grants to deserving students of the School;
  • To raise funds by dues, contributions, events and otherwise, in order to support those activities which result in the furtherance of the above.